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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Emerson Lake and Palmer 1970-12-09 - London, UK (2xDVDfull pro-shot)

(2xDVDfull pro-shot)

This is a special gift to Emerson, Lake & Palmer (ELP) fans around the world: the Laserdisc extended version (90 minutes!) of the legendary “Pictures at an Exhibition” show, at the Lyceum Theatre, London, December 9th, 1970. Plus a Bonus!

The 90-minute show version is still unavailable on DVD and Blu-Ray and it seems things are going to keep that way. It was officially released only on Laserdisc in 1990, and in this one you will get such edition captured to DVD discs in top quality.

Disc 1 — 90 minutes LD version (1990) [Side 1, CLV*]

01-The Barbarian
02-Take a Pebble [including Lake's "Ballad of Blue", Emerson's "High Level Fugue" (from The Nice's "Five Bridges Suite"), a pre-"Eruption" (Tarkus) and "Tank"]
03-Pictures at an Exhibition
a) Promenade
b) The Gnome
c) Promenade
d) The Sage
e) The Old Castle
f) Blues Variation

Disc 2 — 90 minutes LD version (1990) [Side 2, CLV]
03-Pictures at an Exhibition (Conclusion)
g) Promenade
h) The Hut of Baba Yaga
i) The Curse of Baba Yaga
j) The Hut of Baba Yaga
k) The Great Gates of Kiev
04-Knife Edge
05-Rondo (not credited on Laserdisc back cover)

A word on the ELP 12-09-1970 show at the Lyceum Theatre.
This is the ELP from the beginning. The first show from the group ever was in August 23th, 1970 at Plymouth Guildhall (six days before their show at the gigantic Isle of Wight Festival). So the Lyceum show was from a time the group had been playing live only for about 3 months. Their first album was released on 11-20-1970 in the UK and on 01-13-1971 in the USA, so by the time they did the Lyceum show the album was a fresh new release, still unavailable in the US.
The Lyceum Theatre is a 2,000-seat West End theatre (opened in 14th July, 1834) located in the City of Westminster, on Wellington Street, just off the Strand. In such a place and occasion, one can see an ELP completely apart from the supergroup stigma created by the idiotic critics. They were simply playing there to a small audience, in a kind of intimate show to their standards.
Pay attention to the audience, which is very interesting in itself. Many times you can see it soundless, some people even eyes closed, contemplating the band playing.
Moreover, the band mood is excellent. They seem to be good pals and the magic they can do together is still news even to them. More than once, you see a member watching the other play with an interest comparable to the audience's. One can understand why: the musical technique of Keith Emerson, Greg Lake and Carl Palmer has made ELP a legend, and already then their live playing could be as flawless as a studio album (Emerson piano solo in "The Barbarian" is a good proof of that)! Just watch it!


Hardware used:
Pioneer CLD-S104 (Laserdisc player)
Philips DVDR-3350H/55 (DVD set-top recorder, in HQ mode, approx. 60 minutes capacity in single layer media)

Laserdisc Audio configuration used:

Digital Audio.

Ultravox - 1983-05-14 - Dortmund, Germany (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Excellent quality

01. The Voice 
02. Vienna 
03. Mine of Life 
04. All stood still 
05. Hymn 
06. We go

Doobie Brothers - 1973-05-31 - Hempstead, NY (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Ultrasonic Studios

Unknown Silver>EAC(secure)>FLAC(6)>CD-R>EAC(secure)>Uncompressed WAV>EQ/Volume Leveling/Track 12 Fade Out(Nero Wave Editor)>FLAC(6)

Sound Quality: 8 - 9.5 / 10

WLIR FM 92.7

01.South City Midnight Lady
03.Clear as the Driven Snow
04.Long Train Running
05.Listen to the Music
06.China Grove
07.Rockin' Down the Highway
10.Jesus is Just Alright>Disciple
12.Without You (custom fade out starting at 6:35, recorder runs out of tape before end)

Bonus: Live on Midnight Special (source unknown, audio from mono TV/radio broadcast, date unknown)

13.Natural Thing

Derek And The Dominos - 1970-10-24 - New York City, NY (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Title: Noiseless Fillmore 2
Dates: October 24, 1970 
Venue: Fillmore East, New York City, New York, US.

SB 5+ Stereo Recording

ECDR-708/709 2CD-R > WAV > EAC > FLAC

Eric Clapton: Guitar, Vocals
Bobby Whitlock: Keyboards, Vocals
Jim Gordon: Drums
Carl Radle: Bass

01: Got To Get Better In A Little While 
02: Blues Power
03: Have You Ever Loved A Woman
04: Key To The Highway
05: Tell The Truth

01: Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out 
02: Let It Rain
03: Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad 
04: Presence Of The Lord 
05: Roll It Over 
06: Little Wing

Derek and The Dominos - 1970-08-11 - London, UK (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

1970-08-11 Soho, London, Great Britain Marquee Club (M1-AUD)


Set One :::

01. -introduction-
02. Roll It Over ->
03. Blues Power ->
04. Have You Ever Loved A Woman
05. Any Day
06. Bad Boy 

Set Two :::
07. Bottle Of Red Wine
08. Little Wing
09. Tell The Truth
10. Country Life
11. I Don't Know Why (cuts)

Total Time ::: 58:11

::: Very fine AUD UPGRADE without many problems on other circulating copies. Check samples for self-prevision, persnickety perusal or ambrosial anticipatory moments.

::: Warts: Some hiss. Surely missed some dropouts but the improvements are remarkable, I promise. "Anyway" at 21:30 & 22:30 has split second tape speed lags from master.
::: Tape labeled by taper as "Early Show" & he is not prone to error, tho' the newspaper ad I found online just showed one show from 7:30-11:00pm (advance tickets 1 pound). If it sold out immediately (and why wouldn't it have?), there could have been a second show added - even a newspaper review of the evening might not tell us... But probably, especially at this point in history, someone knows "for sure" & can even prove it... A million Eric pundits can weigh in.
::: Bill was only Derek & The Dominos.
::: Contrast clause : At the time of posting, no other versions are on the tracker. While possible other 1st gen copies circulate, I haven't seen them around & I spent mega hours of work on this.

Recording Information ::: Uher portable mono reel to reel tape recorder, external microphone (unknown brand) -> master 5" mono reel to reel audience tape (tape speed unknown).

Playback circa 1987 ::: (unknown equipment) master 5" mono reel to reel audience tape -> 1st generation Maxell XLII-90 cassette, Dolby not indicated (believed off).

Playback 2011-06-21 ::: 1st generation Maxell XLII-90 cassette on Nakamichi BX-300, Dolby off -> azimuth & speed adjusted, heads cleaned & demagnatized -> Tascam CD-RW900SL pro CD recorder -> CD-RW -> computer, EAC secure -> wavs -> Audacity (fades &/or glitches, MANY pops, clicks, dropouts, mike bumps, claps, etc repaired or reduced, normalised to correct dc offset, volume adjustments*, no EQ) -> CD Wave (track splits) -> Trader's Little Helper -> yer ears. First uploaded week of 2013-01-11.

Line-up ::: Eric Clapton - electric guitar, vocals // Bobby Whitlock - organ, vocals // Carl Radle - electric bass // Jim Gordon - drums.

Nothing here ever commercially released to my knowledge. If I'm wrong, please advise & I'll take the offending trax offline.

CoolSonics 210 ::: Thanks to the original taper & trader! As with so many of my favourite British sourced recordings of the late 60's and 70's, this one came from "The Man In The Palace", so all hats off to him. Royal thanks! ::: Corrections welcome ::: I offer this upload in honor of Rolf O, aka Brinkhoffs - not the world's biggest EC fan, but to whom the taper of this recording, The Man In The Palace, Hanwaker, myself & many others were very close. I'll carry his wisdom & humor with me off the edge of the world, whenever I walk that plank. I hope he is surrounded by FLOYD of his choice, some good beer & a cigarette, and is taking some real time off from work, he deserves it.

This would seem to be MUCH better than most all circulating copies. I checked against 3, including a couple of purported "remasters" & this is far superior. There is none of the wavering between channels, I repaired hundreds of dropouts, the clarity seems much better & I have worked with the volume somewhat as the taper was doing the same (and also moving the microphone around at times).

(WARNING - Longwinded. Ignore & proceed directly to music if you have fear of burble, chatter, gabble or jabber.) I have been a bit reluctant to make a foray into the world of online Clapton vintage live recordings, but decided to brave it. Should the response be positive & I feel therefore encouraged, perhaps I shall find motivation enough to do so again. Fear of castigation is, of course, at issue. While the upload is free of EQ, purists will likely be horrified & dribble in their collective soup that I breeched sacred taper etiquette with latitude, played out in the hinterlands of volume tinkering - but, of course, they would not say as much to the taper, who was free to knob twiddle with impunity. In any case, I am more than happy to upload a "raw" transfer at some point, should I remain relatively uncastigated, but have strived here for a version which provides the most satisfactory listening experience I could possibly muster withOUT equalisation, which I leave up to the longitude of the individual listener. I must say that, after comparing this to several other versions, the 20 hours or so I spent on dropout removal (my wife says "months"), have rendered the aural experience one of great superiority over the others I heard - it is a fucking joy. (Having said that, if you can provide a better version, I ain't gonna quibble!).

I love this band. After more years than I can fathom, I still rank "Layla" to be one of the top ten of all time. In fact, in my many wanderings in Asia, through Nepal & Laddakh & the lovely Himalayas, I finally fine-tuned my portable music library - take just one cassette - Derek & the Dominos "Layla," with a couple of the bonus tracks from the unissued 2nd album, & I have all I need. One cool thing about Clapton is that people know his name (and often the music!) all over the globe. Ride in a bus through the mountains, hairpin turns dropping thousands of feets below, or get into a taxi in Delhi, or spend the night in some hotel at 13,000 feet in Leh, and they often still have cassette machines, and I'm all set. The magic weaves & life is just fine, no matter how tired, how dirty, how hungry (or bumpy the road), I can tune in. I listened to the record through my early teen rock years & then JD Smith, whose music tastes I could very much respect even if I didn't always agree, kept pounding it into me that this was really the ONE. The respect grew & grew, and never faded. While it never actually bumped Paul Kantner, Grace Slick & David Freiberg's "Baron von Tollbooth & The Chrome Nun" off it's perch at No.1, Layla's status after 30 years is still irreplaceably platinum. What a load of sheer talent, superlative songwriting & moment after moment of bliss.

This Marquee show, which I first heard some time in the early 80's, is a revelation. Not long before the initial "Layla" recordings, the songs & band are still new, the passion is cascading off the stage - even in a recording - and there are moments here that REALLY shine. Somewhere in "Bad Boy" the energy level goes way up & there's some GREAT psychedelic guitar. "Tell The Truth" has some rippin' moments. The band hasn't reached 10 plus minute jam peaks but this is the alpha stage, the blastoff. I see multiple reviews online that knock the quality, which is somewhat understandable given the copies I compared this to, but this one pretty damn fine for an audience tape of it's era, recorded by The Man with a reel to reel tape recorder hung by a strap over his shoulder, in a small, packed club & this nice thing is this copy is quite steady, with few distractions. I can't imagine people being disappointed. Have at it, turn it up, and listen. Enjoy!

Kudos to Zongo for life support, Lochner for mikes&more & Fast Freddie for runnin' Video Dick's Record Emporium with the bathroom office full of tape decks. Thanks to Hanwaker (few among us can keep his pace). Mountains of gratitude to Davmar, D.White, Sanchez, Elliot, The Florida Kid, Kloiber, Zingg, JTW, Bershaw, Boston Gold, Weeks, Dixon, Moore, Gough & SO many more for all that collecting & sharing... Royal thanks to The Man In The Palace, Doc Tinker, Brinkhoffs, Barely Eatin', Reel Master Gaule, Parrish & all the traders who housed me thru my music acquisition & travel years. Hats off to Brother Kent, Uncle Jake, Little Queenie (& her neighbor Frank) & his honor Ptomaine Thomas. Glasses raised to Byron for musical horizon expansion & much obliged to J & Thurston for keepin' my concert fires burnin' since my continental shift. Thanks to the Mods for keepin' DIME alive. Enjoy, share, give, spread peace. Yers truly, Knees

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - 1969-11-28 - Dallas, TX (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

1969-70 Archives No. 7 

Dallas Memorial Auditorium, Dallas, TX, 
November 28, 1969 

Disc 1: 
1. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes 
2. Blackbird 
3. Helplessly Hoping 
4. Guinnevere 
5. Teach Your Children 
6. Lady Of The Island 
7. Black Queen 
8. 49 Bye-Byes / For What It's Worth 

Disc 2: 
1. I've Loved Her So Long 
2. Helpless 
3. On The Way Home 
4. You Don't Have To Cry 
5. Pre-Road Downs 
6. And So Begins The Task 
7. Long Time Gone 
8. Woodstock 
9. Wooden Ships 
10. Down By The River 
11. Almost Cut My Hair 

Complete audience recording, re-pitched, de-hummed and remastered. The only CSNY live rendition of Cut My Hair before 1974 Tour. 

Coldplay - 2012-09-06 - The Hague, NL (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Date: 6th September 2012
Venue: Malieveld, Den Haag
Country: The Netherlands
Source: Front Of House desk; line recording in 32bit 44,1KHz WAV by CP sound engeneer, Converted to 16bit AIFF in iTunes so it can be concerted to FLAC with xACT. Lossless all the way.

01 - Back To The Future
02 - Mylo Xyloto Hurts Like Heaven
03 - In My PLace
04 - Major Minus
05 - Lovers In Japan
06 - The Scientist
07 - Yellow
08 - Violet Hill
09 - God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
10 - Princess Of China
11 - Up In Flames
12 - Warning Sign
13 - Oh Oh Den Haag
14 - Don't Let It Break Your Heart
15 - Viva La Vida
16 - Charlie Brown
17 - Paradise
18 - Interlude 01
19 - Us Against The World
20 - Speed Of Sound
21 - Interlude 02
22 - Clocks
23 - Fix You
24 - Every Teardrop

Charlie Daniels Band - 1978-04-28 - Comack, NY (Pre-FM/FLAC)


Suffolk Forum

Source: Pre-FM SBD feed > Nak 550 > Maxell UDXL2 (no NR) via Peter Hedeman
Transfer: MC > Nak CR7-A (azimith adjust) > SBM-1 (s/pdif) > Lynx Studio Technology One (soundcard) > SoundForge 4.5 > CD Architect 4.0f > Red Book CDR > SHN
Re-Master: SHN > WAV > Wavelab 6.1 (tracking, patching)
Patched with: Unknown post-FM SBD

01. Introduction (Dennis McNanamara?)
02. Tune up & Intro Music
03. Black Bayou
04. Jitterbug
05. Trudy
06. Maria Teresa *
07. Saddle Tramp >
08. Drums > Bass >
09. Saddle Tramp
10. Long Haired Country Boy
11. Stormy Monday Blues
12. Uneasy Rider
13. Franklin Limestone
14. Birmingham Blues
15. Close Encounters Theme >Cumberland Mountain Number Nine

16. Redneck Fiddlin' Man
17. Texas
18. Dixie / The South's Gonna Do It Again
19. crowd
20. Orange Blossom Special

* tape flip patched with about 17 seconds from the commonly available circulating source (as of Sept. 2011). Sounds like a post-FM recording, but full of static and somewhat compressed. Not the longest 17 seconds of your life, but you'll be glad when it's over.

Bruce Springsteen - 2009-10-20 - Philadelphia, PA (IEM/AUD/FLAC)


So Darlin', Save The Last Dance For...The Spectrum!
'Label': Ev2
Format: 3CD
Source: IEM/AUD Mix.
Date: October 20, 2009.
Location: Wachovia Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA.

Disc One:
01 The Price You Pay (w/ Curt Ramm)
02 Wrecking Ball (w/ Curt Ramm)
03 Out In The Street
04 Hungry Heart
05 Working On A Dream

=====BORN IN THE USA=====
06 "Born In The USA Intro"
07 Born In The U.S.A.
08 Cover Me
09 Darlington County
10 Working On The Highway
11 Downbound Train
12 I'm On Fire

Disc Two:
01 No Surrender
02 Bobby Jean
03 I'm Goin' Down
04 Glory Days
05 Dancing In The Dark
06 My Hometown
07 The Promised Land
08 The River
09 Long Walk Home
10 The Rising
11 Born To Run
12 Higher And Higher (w/ Curt Ramm)

Disc Three:
01 Foodbank PSA
02 Spirit In The Night (w/ Vini Lopez)
03 Loose Ends
04 Kitty's Back (w/ Curt Ramm)
05 American Land (w/ Curt Ramm)
06 Save The Last Dance For Me
07 Waitin' On A Sunny Day
08 Thunder Road
09 Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)

Bruce Springsteen - 2009-05-23 - East Rutherford, NJ (IEM/AUD/FLAC)


Title: I'm So Glad To Be Home! 
'Label': Ev2 
Format: 3CD 
Source: IEM/AUD Mix. 
Date: May 23, 2009. 
Location: Izod Center, East Rutherford, NJ. 

Disc One: 
01 Badlands 
02 Spirit In The Night 
03 Outlaw Pete 
04 Something In The Night 
05 Out In The Street 
06 Working On A Dream 
07 Seeds 
08 Johnny 99 
09 The Ghost Of Tom Joad 

Disc Two: 
01 Good Lovin' 
02 The E Street Shuffle 
03 Cover Me 
04 Thunder Road 
05 Waitin' On A Sunny Day 
06 The Promised Land 
07 Incident On 57th Street 
08 Kingdom Of Days 
09 Lonesome Day 
10 The Rising 
11 Born To Run 

Disc Three: 
01 Bruce Talk 
02 Hard Times (Come Again No More) 
03 Kitty's Back 
04 Land Of Hope And Dreams 
05 American Land 
06 Glory Days 
07 Mony Mony 

Audience tape and available on DVD (NYCBC). 
Tour firsts for "Something In The Night", "Cover Me" and "Incident On 57th Street". "Cover Me", 
"The E Street Shuffle", and "Thunder Road" are played by sign request. 
"Outlaw Pete" includes a snippet of "Apache" in the introduction. 
"American Land" includes a snippet of "Theme From Shaft" in the midsection. 
"Glory Days" includes the "Louie Louie" coda. 
Patti Scialfa is not present. Final show of the first U.S. leg of the tour. 

Bruce Springsteen - 2002-12-02 - Atlanta, GA (SBD/FLAC)


(Audience Soundboard FLAC)

Title: Let's Produce (Doberman)
Venue: Phillips Arena

CD 1 (71:37):
01 The Rising (5:19)
02 Lonesome Day (4:32)
03 The Ties That Bind (3:49)
04 Night (4:22)
05 Empty Sky (4:53)
06 You're Missing (5:45)
07 Waitin' On A Sunny Day (6:28)
08 No Surrender (4:50)
09 Worlds Apart (6:52)
10 Badlands (6:32)
11 She's The One (5:02)
12 Mary's Place (13:13)

CD 2 (67:32):
01 Countin' On A Miracle (6:24)
02 Thunder Road (6:14)
03 Into The Fire (8:07)
04 Where The Bands Are (4:02)
05 Glory Days (6:42)
06 Born To Run (7:17)
07 My City Of Ruins (7:19)
08 Born In The U.S.A. (5:39)
09 Land Of Hope And Dreams (8:41)
10 Dancing In The Dark (7:07)

Time: 139:09

from brucebase:
Audience tape and soundboard - Another performance for "Further On Up the Road" and "American Skin" Brendan O'Brien joined Bruce and the Band on-stage to add rhythm guitar to "Glory Days" and "Born to Run." Bruce opened the encores with "Where the Bands Are," the first performance of that song since March 4, 2000. Soundboard released on CD "Lets Produce" (Dob).

Bonnie Raitt - 1989-05-21 - Cincinnati, OH (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Cassette Sb Master > 2Nd Gen Reel > M-Audio Transit > Cool Edit > Cd Wave Editor > Flac

Disc 1
01. (Introduction)
02. About To Make Me Leave Home
03. Runaway
04. Talk To Me
05. (Band intros)
06. Green Lights
07. Have A Heart
08. Too Soon To Tell
09. Cry On My Shoulder
10. (Talk)
11. Nobody's Girl
12. (Talk)
13. The Road’s My Middle Name//

Disc 2
01. Give It Up Or Let Me Go
02. Thing Called Love
03. Love Letter
04. Three Time Loser
05. (Talk)
06. Nick Of Time
07. (crowd/Talk)
08. River Of Tears
09. (Richard Thompson intro)
10. Angel From Montgomery*
11. (crowd/Talk)
12. Me And The Boys//

* with Richard Thompson

The Clash - 1981-05-29 - New York City, NY (AUD//FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Bonds International Casino, Times Square

Trade > CDR > EAC > WAV > Traders Little Helper > FLAC

2nd Night

01 - Intro
02 - London Calling
03 - Safe European Home
04 - The Leader
05 - Somebody Got Murdered
06 - White Man In Ham Palais
07 - The Guns Of Brixton
08 - This Is Radio Clash
09 - The Call Up
10 - Complete Control
11 - Junco Partner

01 - Lightning Strikes
02 - Ivan Meets GI Joe
03 - Charlie Don't Surf
04 - Bankrobber
05 - The Magnificent Seven
06 - Wrong 'Em Boyo
07 - Train In Vain
08 - Career Opportunities
09 - Clampdown
10 - One More Time
11 - Brand New Cadillac
12 - Washington Bullets
13 - Janie Jones
14 - Armagideon Time
15 - Police & Thieves
16 - I'm So Bored with the USA

Three weeks & 17 gigs that shook up New York and America. Rated as probably the best quality recording from out of the 17 shows.

Paul McCartney - 2008-06-14 - Kiev, Ukraine (DVDfull pro-shot DL)

(DVDfull pro-shot DL)

Ukraine, Kiev, Independence Square (Maydan Nezalezhnosti), open-air.

Size: 7,91 GB (8 504 981 504 bytes)
DVD9 Double Layer, PAL, Mono.
Menu: Yes, track selection.
Artwork: Yes. <br>
Home made. Not for sale. Made by fans for fans

Lineage: Multicameras Videomobile -> Leased satlellite channel -> DV-server (EU) -> authoring by Ukrainian Fan club -> Printing on aluminium in Malaysia (?).
Home made. Not for sale. Made by fans for fans.

GSpot report:
DVD "VOB" format
MPEG-2 Program Stream << { 1 vid, 1 aud }
Sys Bitrate: 10080 kb/s VBR
Video codec MPEG2, 7528 kbps
PAL 720x576 I/L TFF Frames/s 25.000, Fields/s 50.000 aspect ratio 4/3
Audio codec: AC3 48000Hz 192 kb/s tot , stereo (2/0)

Sir Paul McCartney,
Paul 'Wix' Wickens,
Abe Laboriel Jr.,
Rusty Anderson,
Brian Ray.

01. Drive My Car
02. Jet
03. All My Loving
04. Only Mama Knows
05. Flaming Pie
06. Got To Get You Into My Life
07. Let Me Roll It
08. C Moon
09. My Love
10. Let 'Em In
11. The Long And Winding Road
12. Dance Tonight
13. Blackbird
14. Calico Skies
15. I'll Follow The Sun
16. Mrs. Vanderbilt
17. Eleanor Rigby
18. Something
19. Good Day Sunshine
20. Penny Lane
21. Band On The Run
22. Birthday
23. Back In The USSR
24. I've Got A Feeling
25. Live And Let Die
26. Let It Be
27. Hey Jude
28. A Day In The Life/Give Peace A Chance
29. Lady Madonna
30. Get Back
31. I Saw Her Standing There
32. Yesterday
33. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band / The End

Duration: 2:23:15

Pink Floyd - 1987-09-19 - Philadelphia, PA (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

J.F.K. Stadium


Bootleg Title: Hand Of Fate
Release: ROTA 5
Lineage: SBD(?)>?>Silver CD>EAC>FLAC Frontend>FLAC
Source: Soundboard
Transfered by: EAC by T Seager

01. Echoes
02. Signs of Life
03. Learning to Fly
04. Yet Another Movie / Round and Around
05. A New Machine Pt1
06. Terminal Frost
07. A New Machine Pt2
08. Sorrow
09. Dogs of War
10. On the Turning Away

7th show, 5th city since start of 87 MLOR tour. Only 4 more Echoes were played after this one so that is why I am seeding this, I am aware there is not a lot of demand for 87 Floyd but it’s a good listen anyway.

I took the time to improve this one by:
- raising the overall volume
- adjusting the speed as this was running too slow
- setting songs intros at the beginning of each track
Now it sounds a lot better to my ears. This is a nice soundboard from the first leg of the AMLOR tour which deserved
a bit of cleaning. A pity this is just the first part of the show.

Morrissey - 2004-06-19 - Hultsfred, SWE (DVDfull pro-shot) by REQUEST

(DVDfull pro-shot)

01 Shakespeare's Sister
02 First Of The Gang To Die
03 Hairdresser On Fire
(How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel?)
(I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday)

04 Irish Blood, English Heart
(All The Lazy Dykes)
(Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference)
05 I'm Not Sorry
06 The World Is Full of Crashing Bores
07 Subway Train/Everyday Is Like Sunday
08 Let Me Kiss You
(No One Can Hold A Candle To You)
(I Have Forgiven Jesus)
(Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice)

09 Rubber Ring
10 There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

This was recorded directly from TV to a DVD recoder, and then i got a DVD-r copy of it true a trade, and hear it is for you. The swedich anounser has been cut out.

I did watch the University Of Salford gig (20 July 1986) yesterday, and than I rembered that the smiths is the best band in the world, so i decided to seed this Morrissey DVD to you all as a thank for all nice Smiths things I have gotes true you.

Dire Straits - 1985-07-10 - London, UK (SBD/AUD/FLAC)

(Soundboard/Audience FLAC)

Live July 1985 

In July 1985, Dire Straits played 13 consecutive nights at the Wembley Arena during his Brothers In Arms Tour, having many special guests almost every night. 

On of the nights, July 10th, was recorded and there are many version of the soundboard recording of that night, but as every song comes from different sources, there are "jumps" between all the songs because they sound different. 

In this new version all tracks have been edited to avoid that jumps as much as possible and to complete it, I added extra songs with special guests of the other nights they played at Wembley. 

All extra songs comes from good audience recordings. 

All songs comes from flac files, and using Traders Little Helper I encoded them to wav, to do the editing with Sound Forge, and then to flac again (level 8) using Traders Little Helper. 

All songs recorded on July 10th 1985 except extras 

01.Expresso Love 
02.So Far Away 
03.Private Investigations 
04.Sultans Of Swing 
05.Why Worry 
06.Walk Of Life 

July 8th 1985 
07.Two Young Lovers - with Francis Rossi 
08.Intro to T-Bone Burnett 
09.Power Of Love - with T-Bone Burnett 

July 4th 1985 
10.Money For Nothing - with Sting 
11.Solid Rock - with Pete Townshend 
12.Intro to Pete Townshend 

01.Money For Nothing 
02.The Man's Too Strong 
03.Tunnel Of Love 
04.Brothers In Arms 
05.Solid Rock - with Nils Lofgren 
06.Intro to Hank Marvin 
07.Going Hime - with Hank Marvin 

July 11st 1985 
08.Intro to Paul Brady 
09.Irish Boy - with Paul Brady 
10.The Road - with Paul Brady 

july 14th 1985 
11.Steel Clawn - with Paul Brady 

July 15th 1985 
12.Two Young Lovers - with Dave Edmunds

Paul McCartney - Tripping The Live Fantastic II (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Publisher: Misterclaudel
Reference: mccd-20/21
Date: 2003

01. Figure Of Eight
02. Jet
03. Got To Get You Into My Life
04. Rough Ride
05. Band On The Run
06. Birthday
07. We Got Married
08. Let'Em In
09. The Long And Winding Road
10. The Fool On The Hill
11. Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
12. Good Day Sunshine
13. Can't Buy Me Love
14. Put It There

All tracks: live at The Sullivan Stadium, Foxboro, MA - 24th July 1990

01. Things We Said Today
02. Eleanor Rigby
03. This One
04. My Brave Face
05. Back In The USSR
06. I Saw Her Standing There
07. Twenty Flight Rock
08. Coming Up
09. Let It Be
10. Strawberry Fields Forever / Help! / Give Peace A Chance
11. Live And Let Die
12. The Hustle
13. Hey Jude
14. Yesterday
15. Happy Birthday
16. Get Back
17. Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight / The End

Tracks 1-5  : The Sullivan Stadium, Foxboro, MA - 24th July 1990
Tracks 6-13 : The Soldier Fields, Chicago, IL - 29th July 1990
Tracks 14-17: Live at Kennedy Stadium, Washington, DC - 4th July 1990

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AC/DC - 1979-09-01 - Nurnberg, DE (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Band: AC/DC 
Date: Sep 1, 1979 
Location: Zeppelinfeld, Nürnberg, Germany 
Quality Rating: Excellent 
Length: 61 mins 
Number of Songs: 10 
Number of Discs: 1 

Trade > CDR > EAC "Secure Mode" > Wave > Traders Little Helper > Flac 6 

01) Live Wire 
02) Problem Child 
03) Walk All Over You 
04) Shot Down in Flames 
05) Bad Boy Boogie 
06) The Jack 
07) Highway to Hell 
08) Whole Lotta Rosie 
09) Rocker 
10) Let There Be Rock 

Van Morrison - 2005-08-05 - Neuhardenberg, DE (FM/FLAC)


MaCD >EAC >CDwave (tracking) >FLAC

FM broadcast 1

Ned Edwards
David Hayes
Matt Holland
Mark T Jordan
Bobby Ruggiero
Martin Winning

Candy Dulfer

01. Inarticulate Speech Of The Heart No.2 (instrumental)
02. This Love Of Mine
03. Whinin' Boy Moan
04. Days Like This
05. Fame
06. Evening Train
07. Celtic New Year
08. Moondance
09. Philosopher's Stone
10. Bright Side Of The Road
11. Stop Drinking
12. Magic Time
13. Talk Is Cheap
14. Ain't That Loving You Baby?
15. Real Real Gone
16. Muleskinner Blues
17. Baby Please Don't Go
18. Boogie Chillen
19. Precious Time

01. Help Me
02. Brown Eyed Girl
03. Gloria

Total time 1h 34m

As one reviewer writes: “When Van returns things really heat up. Gone are the rushed almost shouted soul standards and Van very quickly finds his groove. He kicks of the main show with a blistering ‘And The Healing Has Begun’. Candy Dulfer on sax is mind blowing. This song blasts it way through over 8 mins of the funkiest version of this song you will ever hear. I first heard this track on the ‘Gloria’ single and thought it must be one of the great show finishes ever. To find out it actually starts the show rather than finishing it is amazing. A great performance.” (Russell Parkinson on the Van Morrison website). 

There is another version available as silvers called MAGIC TIME IN GERMANY which was produced by the bootleg company Swingin' Pig Records. Which features Inarticulate Speech Of The Heart #1(*instrumental), This Love Of Mine, Whining Boy Moan, Days Like This, Fame, Evening Train, Celtic New Year, Moondance, Philosopher's Stone, Bright Side Of The Road, Stop Drinking, Magic Time, Talk Is Cheap, Ain't That Loving You Baby, Real Real Gone, Muleskinner Blues, Baby Please Don't Go, Boogie Chillen and Precious Time on disc 1 and Help Me, Brown Eyed Girl and Gloria on disc 2.

The rest of disc 2 features Days Like This, Rough God Goes Riding, Into The Mystic, Sometimes We Cry, Enlightment and The Healing Game from Waterfront Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland, February 3rd, 1997. Whenever God Shines His light, It Fills You Up, Star Of The County Down, It Must Be You, And The Healing Has Begun and See Me Through from Muziekcentrum Vrendenburg, Utrecht, The Netherlands, April 1st, 1991.

Dire Straits - Stick Around The Theatre (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

1979-03-06 Philadelphia US 3CDs SBD

Tower Theatre,
Philadelphia, USA.
6th March 1979

This is a package of three CDs from the famous gig Dire Straits did on march 6th 1979 in Philadelphia.
The package contains an original silver rip from the Imtrat live and alive USA 1979 (CD 1) , the reel FM master from this date (CD 2) and a version taken from unknown different sources,latter is the most complete show but has some fade in and outs (CD 3).

All the three version are “soundboard” captures but with differences:
-CD 1: great smooth sound , an exact rip from the Imtrat silver but with the tracks in the wrong order as they were played and broadcasted .                       (incomplete show but the complete broadcast)

-CD 2: great sound ,the nice REEL FM color with the same tracks as CD 1 but in the right order as they were played and broadcasted included the announcing.       (incomplete show  but the complete broadcast)

-CD 3: good sound on most tracks, some pops and clicks , some tracks fades in and out, but with 16 tracks, from which 2 bonus, in the right order as they        were played it has 6 more tracks on it comparing to CD 1 and CD 2.

Package compiled by Enlight (April,2014)
Cover-art created by Andrea82**

CD 1
Imtrat Silver
1  Sultans of swing
2  Eastbound train
3  Southbound again
4  Water of love
5  What's the matter baby
6  Lions
7  Six blade knife
8  Down to the waterline
9  In the gallery
10 Wild west end

CD 2
FM Master Reel
1  introduction > down to the waterline
2  six blade knife  
3  water of love
4  in the gallery
5  what's the matter?
6  lions
7  sultans of swing  
8  wild west end
9  eastbound train
10 southbound again
11 radio announcer closing credits

CD 3
Different sources
1  Down to the waterline
2  Six blade knife
3  Water of love
4  In the gallery
5  What's the matter baby
6  Lions
7  Sultans of swing
8  Wild west end
9  Eastbound train
10 Southbound again
11 Once upon a time in the west
12 Lady writer
13 Where do you think you're going?
14 News
15 Bernadette [Orpheum, Boston USA, 8th September 1979 ]
16 In my car [Orpheum, Boston USA, 8th September 1979 ]

Enlight note:

More info ,lineage ,credits ,eac, comments etc. are in the particular CD folders. thanks to tapers/uploaders.

**Mine acknowledgement to Andrea82 who never says no when i ask for a cover art ( a real gent, credit him)

Because of copyright issues Dire Straits were only allowed to play songs from there debut album (Dire Straits) during the broadcast,
and not from there upcoming album (communique).

After "water of Love" Mark explains that to the audience.

He tells the audience that they like playing  new songs instead of playing the album.
Mark also tells them they will play new stuff after the radio show if the audience wanna Stick around the Theatre and apologize
to everybody who are listening on the radio.

This is also how the title "Stick around the Theatre" was born for this little project.

The Cure - 2016-12-01 - London, UK (AUD/FLAC) by REQUEST

(Audience FLAC)

Sse Arena, Wembley

Ca 11'S (Mounted On Glasses)>Ca 9200> Zoom H2N> Cd Wave (Wav Split)>Tlh

Block N9, Lucky Enough To Have An Isle Seat So Good View, You May Occasionally Hear A Very Slight Muffling As People Walked Up And Down The Stairs Getting Beers Etc, But Only Very Slight. 

01 Intro-Out Of This World 
02 Pictures Of You 
03 High 
04 Lovesong 
05 Just Like Heaven 
06 A Night Like This 
07 The Walk 
08 Push 
09 In Between Days 
10 Three Imaginary Boys 
11 Play For Today 
12 Primary 
13 Trust 
14 From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea 
15 Bloodflowers 
16 Encore-39 
17 Burn 
18 A Forest 
19 Encore-Step Into The Light 
20 Fascination Street 
21 Never Enough 
22 Wrong Number 
23 Encore-The Lovecats 
24 Lullaby 
25 Hot Hot Hot !!! 
26 Friday Im In Love 
27 Boys Dont Cry 
28 Close To Me 
29 Why Cant I Be You? 
30 10:15 Saturday Night 
31 Killing An Arab 

Well what can you say, 3 sellout nights at Wembley takes me back to 89 (Prayer tour) and 92 (Wish tour 4 nights at Olympia) for these multiple runs at the end of a tour... And they didnt disappoint. 

Over these 3 amazing shows 94 tracks played, think it something like 56 or 57 different tracks played. 

I am more then happy with how all three of my recordings turned out, Iknow there are other recordings out there, as Im writing this I have not had a chence to listen to these in comparison. 

This one for me was full of adrenalin and excitement at it being the first night, the other 2 were full of anticipation in what was to be played and could it beat the preceeding night(s). 

The Cure - 2016-12-02 - London, UK (AUD/FLAC) by REQUEST

(Audience FLAC)

Sse Arena, Wembley

Ca 11'S>Ca 9200>Zoom H2N>Ca Wave (Wav Split)>Tlh

Ga Positioned Myself Dead Centre Between The Main Stacks About 3/4 The Way Back Occasionally Had To Adjust Position To Clear The Usual Gaggle Of Talkers Every Now And Again, Thankfully Sound Was Very Loud So You Should Only Notice These Between Songs 

01 Intro-Plainsong 
02 Pictures Of You 
03 Closedown 
04 Burn 
05 Fascination Street 
06 Push 
07 In Between Days 
08 Other Voices 
09 A Night Like This 
10 Charlotte Sometimes 
11 Lovesong 
12 Just Like Heaven 
13 Last Dance 
14 Prayers For Rain 
15 Disintergration 
16 Encore-Want 
17 The Hungry Ghost 
18 From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea 
19 Encore-At Night 
20 M 
21 Play For Today 
22 A Forest 
23 Encore-Lullaby 
24 The Walk 
25 Friday Im In Love 
26 Doing The Unstuck 
27 Boys Dont Cry 
28 Close To Me 
29 Why Cant I Be You 
30 10:15 Saturday Night 
31 Killing An Arab 

notes by the taper
Well what can you say, 3 sellout nights at Wembley takes me back to 89 (Prayer tour) and 92 (Wish tour 4 nights at Olympia) for these multiple runs at the end of a tour... And they didnt disappoint. 

Over these 3 amazing shows 94 tracks played, think it something like 56 or 57 different tracks played. 

I am more then happy with how all three of my recordings turned out, Iknow there are other recordings out there, as Im writing this I have not had a chence to listen to these in 

Night 2 was probably my favourite trackwise of the 3 as I am a massive Disintergration fan and took me back to the last night of the Prayer tour here back in 1989, I believe that was the first time they clocked 3 hours for a show. Was really hoping The Same Deep Water As You was going to be played to complete the Lp but it wasnt to be. I know some people say Homesick and Untitled as well but those 2 tracks werent on the VINYL LP, but were classed as bonus tracks on CD and cassette, remember those? 


The Cure - 2016-12-03 - London, UK (AUD/FLAC) by REQUEST

(Audience FLAC)

Sse Arena, Wembley

3 Dec 2016 

Ca 11'S(Mounted On Glasses)>Ca 9200>Zoom H2N>Cd Wave(Wav Split)>Tlh

Ga Dead Centre Of Stage About 3/4 Way Back 

01 Intro-Open 
02 Kyoto Song 
03 A Night Like This 
04 The Baby Screams 
05 Push 
06 In Between Days 
07 Sinking 
08 Pictures Of You 
09 Befroe Three 
10 Lovesong 
11 Just Like Heaven 
12 If Only Tonight We Could Sleep 
13 From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea 
14 One Hundred Years 
15 End 
16 Encore-It Can Never Be The Same 
17 Burn 
18 A Forest 
19 Encore-Shake Dog Shake 
20 Fascination Street 
21 Never Enough 
22 Wrong Number 
23 Encore-Lullaby 
24 The Caterpillar 
25 Freakshow 
26 Friday Im In Love 
27 Boys Dont Cry 
28 Close To Me 
29 Why Cant I Be You 
30 Three Imaginary Boys 
31 10:15 Saturday Night 
32 Killing An Arab 

Notes by the taper:
Well what can you say, 3 sellout nights at Wembley takes me back to 89 (Prayer tour) and 92 (Wish tour 4 nights at Olympia) for these multiple runs at the end of a tour... 
And they didnt disappoint. 

Over these 3 amazing shows 94 tracks played, think it something like 56 or 57 different tracks played. 

I am more then happy with how all three of my recordings turned out, I know there are other recordings out there, as I'm writing this I have not had a chance to listen to these in 

After the previous 2 nights, the expectation was for a Wish based setlist and yes we got Tape-Open and End to bookmark the main set but Head On The Door was the dominant LP played. No complaints from me either way. I didnt want to fuck this recording up in anyway so I did dial the levels down a little, and with it being a Saturday night London audience there were the expected, by me at least, the groups of chatters. Some of this can be picked up between some tracks and during some of the quieter parts. I dont think it detracts from the recording too much, although I could have throttled the couple woahing between encore 3 tracks. 


Poison - 1988-09-24 - Bristol, CT (DVDfull aud-shot) by REQUEST

(DVDfull aud-shot)

Lake Compounce 
Bristol, CT 
September 24, 1988 
CBG Classic Master Video Series Vol. 46 

video: (CBG) Ricoh R-600 (same spec as Sony CCD-V5) 8mm camcorder (w/ 2X teleconverter lens) master 8mm analog tape; NTSC, 4:3 PAR, 29.97 fps; transferred to harddrive via a firewire using a Sony TRV-330 8mm digital camera w/ Time Base Correction. 

Video capture, editing, and 2-pass VBR encoding done with Sony Vegas Pro 13 at 8.2K max, 8K avg, 1K min. 

audio: (CBG) recorded w/ Aiwa-CM30A mic through the Ricoh R-600's external mic in jack; captured with the video from CBG's master 8mm analog tape; LPCM 1536 bit. 

Authored to DVD in Sony DVD Architect Pro 6 by Silver Stallion

01. Look What The Cat Dragged In 
02. I Want Action 
03. Back To The Rocking Horse 
04. Good Love 
05. I Won't Forget You 
06. Fallen Angel 
07. Look But You Can't Touch 
08. Rikki's drum solo 
09. Every Rose Has Its Thorn 
10. Love On The Rocks 
11. CC's guitar solo 
12. Rock And Roll All Nite 
13. Nothin' But A Good Time 
14. Talk Dirty To Me 

running time: 78 mins (full show) 

The beginning of "Back To The Rocking Horse" is played twice due to Bret having mic problems. 

I only have one request, that you don't take these files and post them on other torrent sites. I have many shows to upload. I will upload, let them get seeded by others and after a majority have downloaded the files completely, remove my files so I can seed something new. I prefer to manage my own shows on DIME and The Traders Den. I will upload to other sites when I wish to for select shows. Thanks for honoring my wishes in advance. 

This is “CBG Classic Master Video Series Vol. 46”. 

I usually do one show release a week, but since I paused for a few months in releasing shows, I decided to release both the Lita Ford and the headliner, Poison, this weekend together. 

I first saw Poison when they warmed up Ratt back on their first tour in New Haven, CT in 1986 and then a few times warming up David Lee Roth on the Skyscraper tour. This was the first time I saw them headline a show. It was a beautiful night in Connecticut at this Lake Compounce amusement park venue. The best place and safest place to go was on the lawn where there wasn’t security walking through the lawn as so many shed venues now. This was a new venue built with a small concrete floor where they set up chairs and then a big lawn that sloped up slightly from the back of the seats. There was no cover over the seats or lawn so the sound was not muffled or echoed by a roof. The only thing was, because it was nestled in the woods with housing developments around it, they had to moderate the volume at this place and didn’t really crank the music too loud. This would later prove to be an issue with this band, but we will save that for another day. 

When the band hit the stage, it was full on energy. The album ‘Open Up and Say…Ahh!’ was just released in May 1988 and they had come around through the area in March-April and returned with in July warming up David Lee Roth. Now they were headlining in September. You could tell that they were thrilled with being the headliner finally. The show went smoothly with no issues from security and this Lake Compounce place was becoming one of my favorite places to film in a lawn situation. Enjoy Poison in Bristol, CT as they were starting to hit it big! CBG5150 Posted to DIME 2016-11-27.

Stone Temple Pilots - 2010-03-24 - Sioux City, IA (IEM/FLAC)


Taper for both sources: Alzeppelin

Audience Source:

Location: 40 feet from stage right PA stack Lower Level

Source: Coresound CSB High-end Binaural mics -> M-Audio Microtrack II 24bit/48hz

Transfer: M-Audio Microtrack II -> USB -> Cooledit Pro (normalizing and track splits) ->
FLAC Level 8

Robert Deleo's earfeed:

Source: Sennheiser receiver box (stereo) -> M-Audio Microtrack II 16bit/44hz

Transfer: M-Audio Microtrack II -> USB -> Cooledit Pro (normalizing and track splits) ->
FLAC Level 8

Notes: Matrix made by Silver Stallion Productions using Sony Vegas.

Disc 1:

01 - Vasoline
02 - Crackerman
03 - Wicked Garden
04 - Hollywood Bitch
05 - Between the Lines
06 - Hickory Dichotomy
07 - Big Empty
08 - Sour Girl
09 - Creep Intro
10 - Creep
11 - Country Jam
12 - Plush

Disc 2:
01 - Queen teases
02 - Interstate Love Song
03 - Bagman
04 - Huckleberry Crumble
05 - Jam
06 - Sex Type Thing
07 - Dead and Bloated
08 - Lounge Fly
09 - Piece of Pie
10 - Trippin' On a Hole In a Paper Heart

Stevie Ray Vaughan - 1985-06-19 - Morrison, CO (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Red Rocks Amphitheater, Morrison, CO

SDB>?>Unknown gen analog>> > PC sound card > Cool Edit Pro > FLAC> decoded via TLH and remastered in adobe audition 3.0 Jun 2010

01 Scuttle Buttin'
02 Soul To Soul
03 Aint Gonna Give Up On Love
04 Pride And Joy
05 Voodoo Chile
06 Tin Pan Alley
07 Look At Little Sister
08 Texas Flood
09 Come On
10 Little Wing - 3rd Stone From The Sun

the entire show from a single source, thanks to slewof boots for digitizing, while this may or may not be better than Stiletto rain, it is a complemte single source for the show that sounds pretty good I believe.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Uriah Heep - 2013-01-28 - Tel Aviv, Israel (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Performing Arts Center (Israel Opera)

*Complete Show*

Source: Radio Broadcast

FM (Analog) > Zoom H1 (16/44) > WAV > PC > Audacity > TLH > FLAC

Rating: Very Good
--> Some hissing and DJ talking (mostly before the encore).

Catalog: ANDY-017

Mick Box - guitar, vocals
Trevor Bolder - bass, vocals
Bernie Shaw - lead vocals
Phil Lanzon - keyboards, vocals
Russell Gilbrook - drums, vocals

01. Against the Odds
02. Overload
03. Traveller in Time
04. Sunrise
05. All My Life
06. I'm Ready
07. Between Two Worlds
08. Stealin'
09. Nail on the Head
10. Into the Wild
11. Gypsy
12. July Morning
13. Lady in Black

14. Free'n'Easy
15. Easy Livin'

Total time: 1:26:33

- Normalized
- Added fade in/out
- Tracked
- Fixed SBEs, Flac'd, tested and created checksums